Marvin Lin X Mariella Martinato - Hair Brush

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Every piece is scrupulously handmade by a passionate Italian craftsman and imbued with the flavour of history, using “marble” horn distinguished by its unique variety of colour.

65% of the hair on the round brushes come from Calcutta wild boar, the highest quality bristles that are perfect for detangling, protecting hair and keeping the strands shiny and hydrated. They are blended with professional anti-static and heat-resistant nylon for the best grip on hair. Whereas the acetal resin pins on the pneumatic brush are great for scalp massage. All the ergonometric handles are made of FSC-certified, natural teak colored tumbled ash wood and accentuated with a piece of carefully crafted horn, making them an elegant tool for prolonged and professional use.

They are masterfully crafted to the highest standards of design and functionality by skilled Italian craftsmen, elevating the moments you care for your hair and scalp and helping you look and feel your best. If utilised and cared for in the right way, they will last and become a trusted grooming partner.

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