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OMG Haircare Series

Powerful regenerative haircare by SHHH salon.

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5 Tips to Get OMG Hair

Life is too short for bad hair. Restore the natural health and beauty of your hair by following these 5 tips, using OMG advanced anti-ageing hair care series.

5 Tips to Get OMG Hair

Hair is a sign of vitality, a manifestation of beauty, a beautiful form of identity and self-expression; it should not be of secondary importance in the realm of personal care. The truth is, the health and wellbeing of hair is fundamental yet often overlooked. 

At SHHH, our founding principle is “hair wellbeing” – we see hair beyond styling, it is all about the health of the scalp and the condition of every strand of hair. This philosophy forms the basis of every product and service we offer. Widely featured and acclaimed by more than 20 local and international media since launching in 2016, we have been one of the most talked-about salons in Hong Kong, renowned to transform damaged and lacklustre hair into gorgeous, luscious locks. Our space on Hollywood Road is an “urban wellness sanctuary” (Highsnobiety, 2018) away from the hustle and bustle outside, and is frequented by A-list celebrities, socialites, low-key tycoons, distinguished professionals and Middle Eastern royalties.

While the market may seem saturated with hair care products, with many makers of luxury hair care products claiming to do wonders to hair, the majority ended up delivering disappointment and mediocre results at best, never quite able to transform our tresses as promised. The time now is ripe for a hair care revolution. Guided by extensive experience in fashion weeks, world-class commercial production and behind-the-chair styling, along with a straightforward healthy hair care approach, SHHH brings you high quality, tried and trusted hair care products that do not fall short of but exceed your expectations. Empowered with an army of potent ingredients, our range of anti-ageing, solution-oriented hair care will make your hair look healthier and its natural best, visibly and instantly. Look no further for premium hair products in Hong Kong – our innovative, restorative formulations have all your hair concerns covered, giving hair as much TLC as others would to their skin. 

Our hair is our crown we never take off, it deserves to be nourished and kept in tip-top condition. When you achieve the good hair exactly the way you want it to be, that is truly hair luxury.

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