Shhh X Clinq - Alice

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United by a disposition to push the boundaries of technical artistry and modern hairstyling, SHHH and CLINQ present their first collaboration of contemporary, one-of-a-kind hair clips to elevate your style quotient and highlight your personality.

With a shared desire to break away from conventionality and a strong emphasis on individuality, these uniquely elegant yet versatile hair clips depart from the conventional hair accessories you are used to. The sophisticated design and construction of CLINQ’s hair clips are the result of years of research and innovation that transformed an everyday accessory to a design object of its own.

All CLINQ clips are made of high quality spring steel, which allows for the elasticity required in hair clips. The metal-folding process is executed in- house with custom-engineered tools. All CLINQ clips are produced in Berlin, Germany.


A brand new and exclusive clip design developed by SHHH & CLINQ

Size - 65 x 69mm

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