Couchpotato Launches!

We are so excited to announce the official launch of Couchpotato on the world wide web!

Couchpotato sets out not only to become a one-stop destination for your beauty, lifestyle and wellness needs, but also a trusted platform for likeminded discerned urbanites like you out there to explore and discuss emerging brands, trends, product discoveries and industry insights that are not talked about elsewhere, with a definitive editorial edge.

We want to rethink and redefine the luxury in everyday living. To us luxury is more to do with the mindset than it is the occasional acts of extravagance (though we do not disapprove of them) or the price tags of our purchases; it is a matter of being curious about the story behind each product, appreciating its provenance and craftsmanship, and understanding how interacting with it may enhance and bring joy to our lives in seemingly small yet significant ways.

We believe passionately in the power of informing and inspiring people through quality content. We believe cultivating a more profound interest and awareness in how we manage our daily lives can inspire positive lifestyle changes among ourselves. Through the freshest briefings, insider insights and behind-the-scenes reports on the beauty and wellness industry, we aim to be a driving force in advancing industry benchmarks, perceptions and practices, which hopefully will eventuate in a paradigm shift towards a more discerning, thoughtful and responsible consumer culture.

Noticing the plethora of similar curated shops and media channels that currently exist, we strive not to be merely one of the influencers but an authoritative voice among the noise. We are a tightly knitted team of globe-trotting experts from diverse backgrounds, fuelled by an unparalleled and unbridled passion in seeking out and bringing to you the most curated merchandise and edited content that will substantively enhance your everyday wellbeing and lifestyle, on the fronts of your body, mind and spirit, consolidated in one single place. (You're welcome.)

Watch this space as we create relevant, exciting and insightful content that will feast your eyes and feed your mind. Don't miss any of our latest happenings and updates - subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

See you around.

The Couchpotato Team X

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