Shhh x Chikuseiko Bamboo Charcoal Incense - Hinoki | Exclusive edition 80g

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Shhh x Chikuseiko by Kohchosai Kosuga

Not all incenses are created equal. Unlike conventional incenses which often contain synthetic fragrances and emit a lot of smoke, this Chikuseiko incense is 100% natural, comprising bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar and pure hinoki essence that neither transfers nor lingers. It is believed that the many active elements contained in bamboo have deodorising and air filtering properties that would be beneficial for our living space.

This Chikuseiko incense is the proprietorial creation of Kohchosai Kosuga in Kyoto –– a five generation bamboo craft maker who used to be a purveyor to the Imperial and court families. SHHH is thrilled to collaborate with Kohchosai Kosuga to bring you this world exclusive hinoki-scented Chikuseiko incense. Fill your room with the scent of Japanese hinoki to help induce a sense of calm, serenity and zen mindfulness at any time of your day.

- Made in Awaji-shima, Japan
- Created by the transformation of raw bamboo into charcoal
- Charcoal incense has natural purifying properties
- Each box contains 80g of incense, about 160 sticks
- Scent: Hinoki
- Burn time: approximately 30 minutes per incense stick, depending on the environment.

Stick - around 13.6cm in length
Box - W2.8"xL6.10"