Kore - Regenerative Scalp Toner 50ml

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KORE is our line of scientifically advanced, high performance, next-generation cosme- ceutical hair care solutions that target and treat everyday hair needs at the cellular level. 

KORE products are engineered with innova- tive biotechnologies and top-class industry standards to deliver solid, visible results.

What is it?

Scientifically formulated with patented biotechnologies for hair growth, KORE’s Regenerative Scalp Toner is a next- generation anti-ageing treatment designed to rejuvenate hair follicles.


Its bio-active complex of Pycnogenol, Lipopolysaccharide, Capixyl and Pidioxidil (Kopyrrol) works in synergy to invigorate hair follicles, fortify hair at the root while promoting circulation and optimal hair growth.

Item description

100% natural ingredients.
Free from parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, mineral oils, fragrance, colourants and chemical preservatives. Hypoallergenic. Vegan-friendly. Made in Japan.

• Activates and rejuvenates hair follicles.
• Fortifies hair root and improves hair anchoring.
• Promotes micro-circulation in the scalp and increases nutrient supply to hair follicles.
• Enhances the self-healing capabilities of the scalp. • Supports a healthy scalp environment for optimal hair regeneration.
• Bolsters the hair growth cycle and aids the formation of fuller-looking hair.
• Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing.

How to use
• Shake well before every use.
• Apply on the scalp both in the morning and evening. 
• Massage until absorbed.