SHHH Exclusive Limited Edition Ceramic Bottles by Katuhisa Kitano

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To mark the launch of OMG+ haircare range,
SHHH is honoured to present a special limited edition of custom-made porcelain bottles expertly handcrafted by Osaka-based artist, Katuhisa Kitano.

Designed to be versatile as they are elegant, the SHHH edition porcelain bottles come in Kitano’s signature white porcelain with a glistening, pearlescent glaze, and matte charcoal colour to provide contrast. Fill (and refill) the bottles with your favourite OMG product, or any liquid soap as desired – they will lend a touch of timeless aesthetic to your bathroom.

Kitano’s style is an exquisite balance between modern elegance and clean minimalist sensibilities. He focuses exclusively on white clay and creates simple yet sophisticated forms with delicate curves that exude a sense of serenity and purity. His works are sought after all around the world – some of his tableware can be found in three- Michelin-star restaurants in Southern France as well as Tokyo, Japan.

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