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Hair is a sign of vitality, a manifestation of beauty, a beautiful form of identity and self-expression; it should not be of secondary importance in the realm of personal care. The truth is, the health and wellbeing of hair is fundamental yet often overlooked.
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At SHHH, our founding principle is “hair wellbeing”—we see hair beyond styling, it is all about the health of the scalp and the condition of every strand of hair. This philosophy forms the basis of all luxury hair products and services we offer.

The OMG series of hair care products feature a unique formula of argan plant stem cells derived from the ‘Tree of Life’ or Argan tree that grows exclusively in Morocco.
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Stem cells are known for their potent rejuvenating and healing properties. These wonder ingredients are infused into all our hair products in Hong Kong that work their magic to deliver powerful anti-ageing properties to your hair cells. The regenerative ingredients nourish the cuticle layer deeply, which helps reverse the damage and strengthens the hair from the root to the tip.

OMG hair care products also feature hydrolysed keratin protein and collagen

Keratin is the structural protein that your hair needs to thrive, while collagen is another skin and health protein known for its excellent nourishing properties. Together, keratin and collagen restore your hair’s original shine, texture, strength and integrity. OMG goes several steps beyond other hair care products in the market. Our scalp shampoo, glow shampoo, blow-dry hair lotion and scalp treatment products also feature hyaluronic acid that keeps your hair hydrated. This nutrient helps improve your hair’s volume, shine and resilience. The outcome is strong, hydrated and rejuvenated hair that attracts the attention of everyone, wherever you go. What’s more! All our luxury hair products are made using 90% natural ingredients and are devoid of harmful parabens, DEHP, phthalates and PEGs.


The time is ripe for a hair care revolution. While the market may seem saturated with hair care products, with many makers of luxury hair products claiming to do wonders to hair, the majority ended up delivering disappointment and mediocre results at best, never quite able to transform our tresses as promised.

Guided by extensive experience in fashion weeks, world-class commercial production and behind-the-chair styling, along with a straightforward healthy hair care approach, SHHH brings you high quality, tried and trusted hair care products that do not fall short of but exceed your expectations.

Empowered with an army of potent ingredients

Empowered with an army of potent ingredients, our range of anti-ageing, solution-oriented hair care will make your hair look healthier and its natural best, visibly and instantly. Look no further for premium hair products in Hong Kong—our innovative, restorative formulations have all your hair concerns covered, giving hair as much TLC as others would to their skin. Our hair is our crown we never take off, it deserves to be nourished and kept in tip-top condition. When you achieve the good hair exactly the way you want it to be, that is truly hair luxury.

Launched in Summer 2017, the OMG advanced anti-ageing haircare series has quickly become a cult favourite among celebrities, beauty buyers, beauty editors and beauty lovers.

The reason is simple—it is a range of haircare products that don't betray but exceed your expectations. Every wash with OMG is akin to a power facial for your hair—it heals, renews and revitalises every strand of hair from within. Great hair begins when it's healthy. No matter what your hair is craving—volume, damage repair, thickness, bounciness or a deep cleanse—OMG haircare will not just meet your needs, but profoundly transform your hair into healthy, luscious locks you will love.

While there are skincare, fitness gadgets and seasonal fashion aplenty on offer, where is a good single line of hair products that you can entrust to address the wellbeing of hair?

Whoever told you there is no way to improve your hair has not tried OMG before.

With over 20 years of professional experience backstage, on-set and store front in the hairdressing industry, SHHH Creative Director Marvin Lin has turned her frustration over the lack of promising hair products into action and created OMG—a series of professional haircare system that brings the results of top-notch salon-grade hair treatment to your home.

The OMG series contain argan plant stem cells extracted from the “Tree of Life”, as locally known in Morocco. With powerful anti-ageing properties, ingredients are formulated to directly replenish the worn out hair cuticle layer with an army of potent ingredients, such that your hair can be repaired and rejuvenated from its root to its tip.
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Hydrolysed keratin protein and collagen fortify, replenish and restructure every strand of hair, lending elasticity, body and shine. The addition of hyaluronic acid moisturises and retains hydration, restoring the hair's water balance and improving its resilience and volume. OMG shampoos and treatments are made in Japan from 90% natural ingredients without parabens, PEGs, DEHP or phthalates.

Anti-ageing Properties

The transformation is visible and instant. Consistent use after at least 1 month will yield even better results.
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Awakens hair follicles. Deep cleansing. Damage repair. Restores resilience & shine. Strengthens hair structure for healthier, fuller-looking hair.


Renowned actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi is a fan of our OMG haircare series.

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If you are not sure which products would suit you, please feel free to contact us for product recommendations.

At SHHH, we are a one-of-a-kind, by-appointment only salon and hair spa Hong Kong specialist that transcends the boundaries of conventional salons

Founded upon the principle of “hair wellness”, our professional team is committed to advancing the health and wellbeing of hair and crafting a multi-sensorial beauty journey for all our discerning clients. Great hair begins when it is healthy—this is our core belief. We see ourselves much more than just your normal variety of hairdressers, but as therapists as well as experts that are most dedicated to restoring and promoting hair wellness, with the styling capabilities of a pro backstage styling crew. We take hair care beyond just the looks and into the realm of wellness and therapy, where you come out of it filled with renewed freshness and energy.

We truly believe that our hair can be considered the crown that we never take off. Your hair deserves some pampering too.
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Your hair is constantly braving a lot of harsh treatment from pollution, bright sunlight outdoors as well as chemical treatments and colouring from time to time. Our hair is a mark of our personality, an inseparable part of us that we cannot simply leave unattended. Therefore, a good hair spa is the answer to all your hair concerns.

Our OMG hair spa product line ensures that your hair is always nourished and remains in tip-top condition. Beyond its styling, we have especially curated innovative, and restorative formulations that will surely have all your hair concerns covered and treated to give your tresses a new lease of life.

We believe that good hair care is not just about making you look good, but making your hair naturally healthy right from its roots.


We also care about your experience too, and we celebrate heartfelt hospitality, excellent craftsmanship and outstanding creativity from around the world.

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Our chic and pristine salon interior evokes a feeling of welcomed tranquillity and comfort, while a carefully-selected playlist of classical/jazz tunes are played in background, pleasantly soothing and unobtrusive. Wafts of exquisite scents ill our hair salon in Sheung Wan and set the tone for a relaxing and restorative, yet elevated hair experience in a “hair spa” environment that one will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Quality can only be delivered at the cost of quantity. This is why we only cater to a handful of clients at once.

In line with our endless pursuit of quality over quantity, our SHHH salon in Sheung Wan has just 3 chairs and 1 private VIP room, so every client receives the undivided attention of our expert staff. Every touchpoint of the experience—from the buttery soft Japanese cotton towels, the Shotoku usuhari hand crafted glasses, the tranquil and minimalist ambiance, to our comprehensive hair services and refined edit of beauty and lifestyle buys—is especially designed and curated to inspire a discerned approach to modern living and hair spa in Hong Kong.

Attention to detail is evident, successfully elevating SHHH to the forefront of the hair salon Central scene.

At SHHH, our professional team is not only committed in advancing the health and wellness of your hair, but also in crafting a multi-sensory beauty experience that will take you on a hair care journey out of the ordinary.

We also aim to offer you a seamless experience and customer service when shopping via our online store. We would love to hear from you if you have any queries, comments or concerns regarding our products or services. Feel free to get in touch and let us know your thoughts or ideas.

A hair spa is more than just a beauty treatment for our clients. This is the time for you to relax and unwind, as we pamper your hair with the best of products to give it the deepest nourishment and rejuvenation it needs. At SHHH, you will enjoy a completely relaxing experience that is sure to treat your senses.

But why take our word for it?

Give yourself a much-deserved hair spa session to live the complete experience yourself.

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