Marvin Lin X Aly Good Vibes - "Love is in the hair" Short Sleeve Tee

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Good vibes good tribe

A while ago, Marvin and May met at an event (with loud music, of course) and hit it off right away with Marvin’s good vibes and signature bouncy hair. Turned out Marvin was wearing a Superbae t-shirt — a brand founded and designed by May!

The exciting coincidence fuelled them to do a collaboration straightaway. They share the same view that they should spread more good vibes, doing what they do best the best they can, as it has been a trying time for the most over the past two years.

Marvin and May are kicking off new year with a fun and upbeat collaboration between Marvin and Aly — to share positivity, which brought them together, and more importantly to radiate good vibes to more people and our communities.

ML x ALY is now available in store (both online and Shhh at 118 Hollywood Road). All proceeds will be donated to Christian Action to help underprivileged families.

Love is in the hair


- Material : 100% Cotton
- Size : Small | Medium | Large