Chikuseiko Charcoal Incense from Kyoto 80g

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A cleaner alternative to air fresheners, this natural bamboo charcoal incense is made without harmful chemicals. The various scents have complex aroma profiles, which include sandalwood, bamboo, cherry blossom, rose or plum tree. The jet black charcoal incense glows beautifully around the edges leaving behind an ultra fine ash.

- Made in Japan
- Created by the transformation of raw bamboo into charcoal
- Charcoal incense has natural purifying properties
- Each box contains 80g of incense, which equates to approximately 225 sticks
- Available in five different scents: Bamboo, Sandalwood, Cherry Blossom, Rose or Plum Tree

Stick - W1.5mmxL133mm
Box - W2.8"xL6.10"

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